"I honestly think that one pilgrimage to the Holy Land is probably worth ten years of sermons! We are thinking about designing an annual pilgrimage to the Holy Land for National Community Church. It was such a catalytic experience in my life that I want to facilitate it for others."
Mark Batterson
Best-selling Author and Pastor, National Community Church

"I believe that an experience of just several weeks can transform forever your deep commitment to the word of God, your capabilities to communicate the word of God, and your deep love for Jesus."
Dr. Byron Klaus
President, Assemblies of God Theological Seminary

"I was changed, my faith grew, and my understanding of Scripture was deepened."
Dr. Tracy Paino
Professor, North Central University

"There simply aren’t words to describe the Emmaus Experience. Being able to see the land of the Bible and experience the sites where history was made is something I will never forget. I have a deeper appreciation for those who have gone before me and a greater understanding of my spiritual roots."
Rod Whitlock
Student Discipleship Director, National Youth Ministries

"As a visual learner, there is nothing quite like experiencing the land of the Bible first-hand. This dimension brings a depth of understanding contextually which compliments how we communicate the stories, truths, and application of Scripture. I was emotionally moved and spiritually inspired as I reflected on the rich history of each site we visited."
Chet Caudill
Student Missions Director, National Youth Ministries

"It was truly a life changing experience. I’m certain that I’ll never read the Bible in quite the same way. I’m excited to promote an Israel trip to all of our ministers."
Steve Schaible
South Dakota District Superintendent

"Not only was it an educational experience, but it was a deeply spiritual encounter with God as we traveled the land of the Bible. There certainly is no way to put a price tag on such an experience. I have recommended and will continue to recommend this once in a lifetime tour to anyone who desires to experience Israel.”
Dan Chanowski
Pastor, Bethel Life Center

"Not only did I have tons of fun, but I learned more than I ever thought I would. I've gained a new perspective and a deeper understanding of the Bible. One of the great things about this trip is that it encouraged me to continue learning and studying even after I went home. Reading the Bible feels so different now because I have a real appreciation for the history, culture, archaeology, and language. I'll never forget everything I saw and felt on this trip, and I'm excited to see the ways that God uses this experience to bring me closer to him and to his Word."
Grace Leahey

"I realized how real the Bible is. It suddenly took on a stronger meaning in my life than it ever has before."
Megan Poe

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