The Opportunity

The Mediterranean basin now serves as a home to millions of Muslim families who have migrated into the region in search of better jobs, social conditions and a prosperous life. Christianity has become unlawful as a result so it requires great tact and discipline to enter these countries on assignment as a believer. Therefore, the Mediterranean region offers an enormous opportunity to share the Gospel of Christ.

In addition to the predominate Muslim faith stretching across the region, the Mediterranean Mission Outreach has a focus to reach out to the Jewish population in Israel. The message must be given with sensibility, honesty and with love for the people. In over 2000 years of church history, Israel, as a nation, has been treated with disdain by those who have called themselves Christians. From the time of the Nicene Council (325-375 A.D.) where the church developed the unbiblical doctrine of Replacement Theology, to the Crusades (1096-1272 A.D.), the Spanish Inquisition in the 13th Century, the 19th Century Pogroms (extensive violence against the Jews in the Russian Empire) and even the annihilation (Holocaust) under the third Reich in Germany (1933-1945 A.D.) – the Jewish people have been persecuted and systematically exterminated by those who have even used Christianity as a basis for their cause.

On May 14, 1948, out of the ashes of the Holocaust, Israel was established once again as a nation as a direct fulfillment of God’s Word (Deuteronomy 30:1-5, Jeremiah 16:15 and Ezekiel 36:8, 22-24).

Today, Israel is a free and democratic country with over 85% of its population living secular lives. Only a small percentage consider themselves to be religious at all. Nevertheless, to protect and keep their own people from being forced into Christianity, after centuries of persecution, Israel does not permit foreigners to stay with long-term visas unless you work for a company, embassy, school, humanitarian aid group or a program recognized by the Israeli Government. You can stay in Israel for only 3 months as a tourist and every time your visa expires, you must go out of the country to re-apply.

The Mediterranean Mission Outreach works through the restrictions of each country, including Israel, to ensure that missionaries are successful in moving throughout each area. Headquartered in Sicily, right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and near Catania, the second largest city on the Island – each location, including Tel Aviv, are accessible within only a few hours. In cooperation with the International Evangelical Association “Cristo Regna”, the Mediterranean Mission Outreach shares an administrative office in Syracuse, Italy, in addition to offices in Colorado Springs, CO (USA) at Calvary Fellowship Fountain Valley church.

The Mediterranean Mission Outreach operates under the El Salvadorian Missions Agency and the International Evangelical Association “Cristo Regna”, which is recognized by the Italian Government as a non-profit organization.

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